The tradition

A mark that has lasted a century.

Luigi Einaudi left a deep mark on the Poderi.

The three subsequent generations took his example to heart and shared his values.

Agriculture and viticulture changed, the tenants were replaced with salaried growers, with training and various skills. Yet the Einaudi family kept many country traditions alive, leaving the running of the estates, for example, to the families who had always lived in the farmhouses.

Those who led the company were able to bring to fruition the vision of the founder and were committed to improving the quality of their wines, helping to establish their identity and excellence.
Together with many other producers in the zone, the Einaudi family undertook the long, complex process that, in 2006, led to the attainment of DOCG Dogliani – the utmost expression of the bond between the grape, the wine and the territory.