The roots

The elevation of country culture.

As a farmer, Luigi Einaudi displayed intelligence and far-sightedness.

When he used rooted grafts on American rootstock to combat phylloxera, he brought modern viticulture to the Langhe.

He decided in 1915 to create a cellar to produce and bottle wine, rather than just selling the grapes. He at once began to buy vineyards that enjoyed a particular position, exposure and soil quality in order to produce the best wines.

He left the management of the lands and the vines to tenants and their families so they would share in the prosperity that they helped create.

Every estate was given independence, a revolutionary approach to managing properties in those days. He restored the farmhouses and provided those who worked the land with tractors, mechanical elevators, mowing machines and trailers to help with transport, lighten the work in the fields and improve the living conditions of the country folk.