The future

The cellar, past and future.

The modern cellar of the Poderi Luigi Einaudi is adjacent to the Cascina Tecc, the large eighteenth century building once the family’s summer residence, restored in the 1990s.

To obtain great wines, starting from the end of the 1980s Paola Einaudi made significant investments in the cellar and created new plant. She decided to construct the production and ageing structures underground in order to reduce the environmental impact and guarantee perfect temperature and humidity conditions for the wine. Today, the cellar produces around 320,000 bottles a year. Vinification takes place in steel fermenters with computerised control of the fermentation temperature, times and volumes of the pumping over. Once fermentation has been completed, the wine matures in small and medium sized oak casks and is then refined in the bottle.

The upper floor of the cellar, above ground, is used for bottling, packaging and shipping.