Langhe DOC Luigi Einaudi
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A high quality wine which improves over the years, of intense garnet red colour, with a pleasing aroma of cooked plums and blackberries, with an underlying hint of vanilla. It has a full body, a rich tannic structure, soft with an intense fruity taste and a balanced, elegant, spiced final note.
The fact that it comes from Cabernet, Merlot and Barbera grapes, influences the distinct Piedmontese character of this wine.
The annual production islimited at few thousand bottles.

Typology: Cabernet, Nebbiolo, Merlot and Barbera.

Rootstock: 420 A/SO4

Bushiness: 4500-5000 plants/Ha

Plant breeding: Guyot

Zone: Village of Dogliani, Barolo and Neive (Cuneo)

Soil: Marly-calcareous-clayey ground

Exposure: South/South-West

The wine making

Fermented in steel and concrete tanks with a controlled temperature (30°C), racked after 8-10 days, decanted, gotten malolactic treatment and completed maintening the controlled temperature. It matures for several months in barriques and big barrels and then refines in glass.

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