Langhe DOC Nebbiolo
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Born in the youngest Einaudi Nebbiolo vineyards in Neive, this elegant, medium aged, garnet red wine, which has a persistent fruity fragrance, and full body, is also delightful to drink while still young. A delicate final of red berry with a hint of spices.
The annual production is around 20.000 bottles.

Species of vine

Typology: Nebbiolo
Rootstock: 420 A/S 04
Bushiness: 5000-5200 plants/Ha
Plant breeding: Guyot

The Vineyards

Zone: Village of Neive (Cuneo)
Cru: Bric Micca 310 m.
Soil: marly- calcareous
Exposure: East
Area of the vineyard: 3,20 Ha
Year of planting: 2003

The wine making

Fermented in steel tanks with a controlled temperature (30°C), racked after 8/10 days, decanted, gotten malolactic treatment and completed maintaining the controlled temperature. It matures for several months in barriques and big barrels and then refines into glass.

Vineyards associated with this wine