Dogliani DOCG Dogliani 2015 - Wine Spectator Top 100
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A traditional wine, easy to drink, which comes from a blend of Dolcetto grapes that come from the Village of Dogliani, where it obtains his maximal tipicity, of a ruby red colour, which tends toward violet with a rich fruity bouquet, full bodied with an intense aroma of undergrowth and a pleasantly tannic taste, with a slight final almond note.
Of a dry and moderately acidic taste, after a minimum period of ageing, it has a good body and full taste.
The annual production is approximately of 130.000 bottles (variable in function of the vintage).

Typology: Dolcetto

Rootstock: 420 A/SO4

Bushiness: 4500/4800 plants/Ha

Plant breeding: Guyot

Zone: Village of Dogliani (Cuneo)

Soil: Marly-calcareous-clayey ground

Exposure: South/South-East/South-West

Area of the vineyard: 23.00 Ha

Year of planting: 1941/2010

The wine making

Fermented in steel and concrete tanks under strict Temperature control (28°C), racked after 4/5 days.
After the end of the malolactic fermentation and a period of aging of some months it is ready for the introduction on the market.

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