Barolo DOCG Terlo Vigna Costa Grimaldi
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The result of an accurate selection of grapes from the Einaudi vineyard located at Barolo, in the zone Terlo. A great wine of the Langa, garnet red with a shade of amber, of intense and embracing fragrance, full bodied but smooth tannic taste, with a long spiced final taste. Derived from the Nebbiolo grapes from the Costa Grimaldi vineyard owned by the Einaudi estate, facing Barolo. The tannic characteristics guarantee a long life in bottle. With time it acquires complexity as the ethereal aromas of spices, truffles and leather.
The annual production is of 7.000 bottles.

Species of vine

Typology: Nebbiolo
Rootstock: 420 A
Bushiness: 4800 plants/Ha
Plant breeding: Guyot

The Vineyards

Zone: Village of Barolo (Cuneo)
Cru: Terlo – Vineyards Costa Grimaldi 310 m.
Soil: marly- calcareous
Exposure: South-East
Area of the vineyard: 1,60 Ha
Year of planting: 1977

The wine making

Fermented in steel and concrete tanks under strict temperature control (30°C-32°C), post-fermentation maceration, racked after 22/25 days, decanted, then gotten induced malolactic treatment and completed always at a controlled temperature. Matured in oak casks for many months, then a long refinement in bottles.

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