Langhe DOC Barbera
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Produced with the Barbera grapes that come from Dogliani, it is a wine of great character, ruby red in colour with tones of garnet. It has an intense and mature aroma, is full bodied, has a taste of red berries and is refined by the tannins of wood, which renders it soft and complex.
The annual production is approximatively of 20.000 bottles (variables in function of the vintage that you consider).

Typology: Barbera

Rootstock: 420 A/S04

Bushiness: 4500 viti/Ha

Plant breeding: Guyot

Zone: Village of Dogliani (Cuneo)

Cru: San Giacomo and San Luigi, 380 m.

Soil: marly-calcareous-clayey ground

Exposure: South/South-East

Area of the vineyard: 2.20 Ha

Year of planting: 1983/2004

The wine making

Fermented in steel and concrete tanks at a controlled temperature (30°C), racked after 8-10 days, decantations and malolactic completed with temperature maintenance. It matures for a lot of months in wood, then in bottle.

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