Visite in cantina - Poderi Luigi Einaudi
Visite in cantina - Poderi Luigi Einaudi
Cantine dei Poderi Luigi Einaudi


Our hospitality

The tour offers the opportunity to find out more about Poderi Luigi Einaudi from the point of view of terroir and winemaking, and includes an in-depth guided tasting.
The landscape and the architectural context in which everything takes place are very interesting: the old barrel cellar, the modern new winemaking cellar and the newly-renovated 18th century family home.

First step of the tour: a look at the history of the estate.

The winery was established in 1897 by Luigi Einaudi, and is now managed by the third and fourth generations of his descendants, with the same passion and same way of operating: “Innovation with respect for tradition”.
Your guide will tell you about all the events and changes that have made Einaudi the internationally acclaimed estate that it is today.

Second step of the tour: the winemaking cellar

The modern cellar is built almost entirely underground, next to Cascina Tecc. It was renewed in 1993, then again in 2001, and is currently undergoing further expansion.
You will be given a detailed account of both the historical and the new parts of the cellar, allowing you to learn about the production processes and how patience and dedication are important in order to maintain a high level of quality.

Third step of the tour: tasting the various “terroirs”

In order to gain a better understanding of the different nuances of the Langa territory, you will be given the chance to taste four different wines:

  • The Dogliani Terroir: the Dogliani area is represented by Dogliani Docg, a Dolcetto which has received numerous awards from the major wine guides, in different vintages;
  • Our well-structured and harmonious Barbera is capable of competing with the finest wines in its category.
  • The Neive Terroir: with Nebbiolo Langhe Doc made with grapes from the Podere di Neive, located in the Bric Micca subzone (Neive), in the Barbaresco production zone;
  • The Barolo Docg “Ludo”: Barolo Ludo sets the aim of achieving the finest qualities of the four terroirs which give us the Nebbiolo grapes contained in it and that come from:
    Bussia (Monforte D’Alba), Monvigliero (Verduno), Terlo and Cannubi (Barolo).

Our hospitality: visitors, opening times and costs

The tour is aimed at all kinds of visitors ranging from established wine lovers to those who are approaching the winegrowing culture for the very first time: it is led by a guide with expert knowledge of the local area and our farming and winemaking techniques.

The visit lasts from an hour and a half to two hours and costs € 20.00 per person.
We do not accept groups of more than 25 people and you should book at least a few days in advance.

All tours must be booked.

Into the spaces of the winery and into the tasting rooms, for sanitary reasons, are not allowed animals.